Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local artist Sarah Atlee

I went to this year's Girlie Show and had a great time! It was packed, the food was gooooood, and there were a handful of artists that I thought were stand-out great.

Sarah Atlee is, I think, my favorite local visual artist I've encountered so far in OKC. Check out her blog there to see examples of her work. I love her figurative work and color choices.

Miki Mae Maluso, patron saint of Multitasking

She had a brilliant idea to sell 1-minute portraits at her booth during the show. OF COURSE I had to get one.

1 minute portraits by Sarah Atlee
Other portraits.

My 1 minute portrait by Sarah Atlee

I think I will comission some work from her next year!

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  1. Megan, I apologise for doing this via blog comments ("The Moron's Way of Making Contact since 1998!") but would very much like to contact you re: acquiring/commissioning some fruity/trophy work. I follow you on Twitter, (zotheysay) perhaps you might follow me back so I can DM you and annoy you via that avenue instead. Many thanks. Many of them.