Monday, November 15, 2010

Purple mush that is actually REALLY DELICIOUS

I concocted a really delicious recipe from leftovers tonight. Step 1 is to make the original dish:

*Trim the greens from a couple of large red beets (or 3 medium/smallish ones)
*Wrap them in foil and roast until you can easily poke with a toothpick (cooked through)
*Let them cool, them rub the foil around to skin the beets
*Dice them into about 1/4" pieces and put them in a bowl
*To the beet pieces, add a simple vinaigrette (lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar)
*Put the beet/vinaigrette mixture into a bowl of cooked quinoa (1-2 cups dry to start, depending on how much beet you want to your quinoa)
*Throw in some salt and pepper, and adjust the vinaigrette and S&P to taste

This Purple Stuff is EXCELLENT on its own as a side dish.

Tonight, I had a little leftover in the fridge. It was cold, and I added about a half cup of plain greek yogurt, a handful of walnut pieces, and about as much crumbled feta. All this Purple Mush was really tasty inside half of roasted acorn squash. MMMMMM.

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