Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chicken hats, ya'll

Hopefully without wearing myself out, I plan to have a few knit and/or crocheted items at my booth as well. Can I make enough stock without my hands falling off before the show? Time will tell!

Fake food brooch pins! Pear shaped soap savers! Exclamation points included!

Various kitchen or bath scrubbies in fruit and vegetable shapes. I might make the apple slices into brooches...too small for scrubbies.
Crocheted Fruits

I have this thing for knitted chicken shaped anything. Midwest and rural America has a thing for chicken decor, and I really don't fall into that category at all. I just like me a nice chicken hat once in a while.

chicken hat!
Chicken Hat!

And maybe a chicken shaped catch-all bag...

chicken bag!
Chicken Bag!

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