Monday, October 25, 2010

Ghouls Gone Wild 2010

This year, I was lucky enough to be in Oklahoma City's Ghouls Gone Wild halloween parade. It was a blast; I gotta say, I like scaring groups of children. "EEEE!!!" (Not in a mean way!)

Check out our pre-parade photos here:


The Flickr pool of photos has some great shots, too.

I was with a group of Corporate Sharks out to attack some innocent swimmers for their extra cash! It was all part of the Buck the Norm campaign.

We were #4 of 75 parade entries, so I hopped into the crowd near the end of the parade route and shot a little bit of video:

This is just a TINY sample of the awesomeness of the parade.

The zombie walk was GREAT! I loved the guy with the brain-on-a-stick taped to his head to keep him going. We spotted a zombie with a traffic cone on his head, a la Plants vs. Zombies. So smart. It gave me big ideas for next year's costumes...

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