Thursday, May 31, 2012

Custom laser cut wooden bits

I've tried to make meeples and city tokens into things other than dangley jewelry, but they were just too big and heavy. Or, I was afraid the chunky painted dudes just would not hold up to wear and tear. I want to make more subtle post earrings, cufflinks, and cell phone/zipper dongles.

So, I took a chance and sent some of my own (albeit simple) designs to Ink It Labs. They're based out of Austin and were super quick to reply to all my questions.

I chose the 1" laser cut, 1/8" maple wood, UV coated (no color) option and HOLY COW I LOVE THEM!


They included the cut-out portion that created the negative space, which was a total surprise for me! Look at those teeny tiny cities, oh my goodness!

Look out, people of Earth. You will soon see the most rad-nerdy board game dongles and earrings. Now...To assemble!

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