Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow day jewelry

It dumped 10 inches of snow on the first day of Spring this year. So, while stuck indoors, I decided to make some necklaces.




My favorite thing to do when I'm making pieces at home is to limit myself to only what I have on hand. I like pulling things together from a scrappy mish-mash. This one started from an old chain and pendant from what looks like a Catholic school (see center pendant). I added some stones, glass, coral, and a brass owl.

One of my downfalls is not labeling what my materials are, and when I finally use them, I often don't know how to label them. This is mainly a problem with stones. SO...yes, those stones are pretty and they're real, but real what? I don't remember :(


Next up is the rocky, chunky, tiki face/easter island head necklace! I don't ACTUALLY know where the carved face dude is from, but I like him. I used some huge chunks of beach glass beads, more coral, some wood, pressed sand beads, antique things...all kinds of crunchy-granola goodness.


Lastly, a knotted strand of Everything, with a doubled strand of white seed beads at the back.



Snuck a heart in on one side.


Some vintage glass, cinnabar, giant chunks of some awesome stone I don't remember....


I'm ready for SPRING!!

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