Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kumihimo Questions?

My post on Kumihimo with Magatamas has been my most commented post!
Forester, closeup
An 8 warp braid by WolfSilverOak on Flickr

So, what are your questions about 8-warp kumihimo braiding using the (circular) disc?

I'll answer your questions as best I can, with the experience I have!


  1. HELP!!!!

    How do I figure out the size of an end cap for my completed 8 strand 2mm cord satin cord braid with out a diameter tool

    1. Without a caliper to measure, hmm..I would try using very thin string or maybe even some dental floss. Use something thin that won't contribute hardly any bulk when measuring.

      You could try very carefully, without squeezing too tight, wrapping the string around the braided cord. Mark where it meets itself and measure that distance with a ruler. That might give you a good approximation.

      Or, if you know the thickness of each cord you used to braid, you could add all those together and get an approximate. IE, if you used 8 2mm cords, I should think the braid is about 16mm thick. It might be a little thinner if you braided tightly, or thicker if you braided loosely.

      Hope this helps!