Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Working with wire

Just a quick post stating to the Craftiverse that I will never be friends with the peg type jig made for wire work. We battled in the past (I lost). I tried to use it again today and the result was a sad, snaggly nothing. Can't say I haven't tried (several times)!

I wanted to make a prototype puzzle piece shaped charm. I have some really thick gauge, weirdly colored wire pieces laying around. I used lime green to make a puzzle piece using my hands and nylon jaw pliers, following the wire jig failure. Much easier for me! And the finished product is somewhat identifiable! Yay! Too bad it's lime green.

puzzle piece attempt
Note the sad, thinner piece of snarled wire in the photo.

I textured it with the hammer a little bit. I think I like it! It looks a little ugly in the photo, mostly because it's...lime green. I'll try again with another piece of electric blue colored wire I have in the same gauge.

If I can repeat the process, I think I'll make some earrings with sterling silver or copper hammered wire in a thinner gauge.

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