Friday, September 30, 2011

Sewing a dress

While settling into our new city (and having spare time on my hands), I decided to break out the sewing machine.

I stopped by The Scrap Exchange (it's a great place, take a look at their website and visit in person if you're ever around), picked up a vintage pattern and some fabric. I was lucky that the pattern was all intact and wasn't cut out!

This is the first proper sewing project I'd done in at least 5 years. I chose a pattern that really made me jump back into sewing head-first!

It was a little difficult, some of the seams are funky and my first attempt at button holes was...a learning experience. BUT I can wear it and it fits (albeit a little boxy).

They had some cute heart-patterned fabric

You can tell by that collar it's an old pattern

90% of this project is from thrifted materials.

My next project will be some stretch-waist pants. If they're successful, I'll share!


  1. Very cute! Scrap Exchange was one of the first places I hit when I got here as well.

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