Monday, June 13, 2011

Ye Olde Shoe Dance

In internet years, 7 is ANCIENT.

I found this video I made in 2004, buried on an old hard drive. I had totally forgotten about it. I remember pulling this song from a promo video for some touch-screen technology.

I had my first lowfi video recorder with me when the song came on my iPod. I was probably in the art building after hours on a weekend, working on something or other in a studio. I sat the camera down at the end of a hallway and recorded a dorky dance. Then, I edited it with the low-rent software that came with the camera.

VOILA! A stupid dance video that goes in and out of focus and is pretty darn grainy. OH, and remember when we all had Myspace pages? *yells at kids to get off the lawn*


  1. Well, it should belong to a video library of a dance museum since some of those moves had their moments in the history of dance :-)