Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jewelry making tip

-Jewelry making tip: out of headpins-

If you need to make a drop, but are out of headpins, here's how you can improvise if you have some spare wire laying around. You'll need the piece of wire to be at least twice as long as the beads you're using for your drop.






Make a wire wrap at one end of the wire as usual. String the bead(s) from the other end and fold the wire up parallel with them, so about 1 in sticks up above the top of the last bead you want to wrap around.
Wrap this open end once or twice around underneath a bead. You can wrap between beads, or at the top near the loop.

Use tapered cutters to cut the excess as close as you can, and tuck whatever's left in with chain nose plyers.

Tada! A fun wrap, and you didn't even need a headpin.

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