Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jewelry making tip

-Jewelry making tip: large hole beads and cones-

If you use beads with holes much larger than your stringing material, or you use cones on the ends of a piece, this tip will make the beads/cones lay better on the stringing material and make it last longer.



To keep large hole beads and cones from "knocking" back and forth on stringing material, string a few seed beads that are just small enough to fit INTO the hole of the large bead after you have strung that large bead. These seed beads will fall inside of the large hole and stop the large beads from moving around on the string/wire so much. You'll need to have a bigger bead on either side of the big-hole bead to keep the seeds hidden inside.

This will prevent the large beads from "biting" into the string/wire, the seed beads acting like a little covering.

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