Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogs you might like

Please do click through this short list of some of my new favorite blogs from 2010:

The Big Picture
Journalistic photos on a theme featured regularly here, via the Boston Globe. Often times, I hear about an international event at this blog before anywhere else. I think its a great exposure outlet for things that might otherwise fly under the radar.

Illustrator Mike Smith uses a 2-page spread from a weekly planner to highlight a week at a time. Love it.

"Always Something Interesting", so says the header, and it's true! Old US photos (mostly pre-1940s) are featured daily.

Cooking with Dog
Contrary to what you might think, this is a GREAT youtube channel with delicious recipes. Watching this chef use a knife is inspiring!

Gallery 1988
Less a blog and more of a teaser for a fantasticly nerdy/pop-culturey gallery in San Fransisco, this blog reeeally makes me want to visit one day.

Cake Wrecks
Ugly cakes with lol-inducing write-ups. This blog is not so new to me, but I have to mention it because the writing has been hilarious this past year.

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