Monday, December 6, 2010

A couple of craft show tips

Wow...I am terrible this year at consistent blogging. I can write off quite a bit of my guilt on how busy I've been getting everything ready for my little booth space at the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar THIS SATURDAY at the OKC fairgrounds.

I'll have 3 little tables of food-themed wall art, fun food jewelry, chicken shaped knitwear, and a few other odds and ends.

If you're a (very) part-time crafter like me, you can't invest a lot of money into booth display that you might use once or twice a year. Here are a couple of practically free tips I've encountered this year for making a nice looking display for a booth:

If you like hand-lettered signs and tags (and have sloppy handwriting like me), you can make them more crisp by tracing a handsome font with a fine tipped pen over some medium weight drawing paper. Don't have a handsome font on your home PC, or don't want to purchase one? Look at different type foundry websites for a space to enter preview/sample text (Google Adobe or Emigre to start). You can then print that sample. No worries about low-resolution, because you're just gonna trace it anyway!

For a homey, worn, or "smart" look for a display table, check out several big, charmingly bound books from your local library. If your booth has a theme, you can get witty with the book titles, too. Stacks of books make a great tiered display for small items. Just be nice to those books and return them all in a timely manner!

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