Saturday, September 11, 2010


Back in mid-June, Daniel and I were properly hitched.

After the walk-through of our vows and surrounding events, check out the link for the entire photo set!

- - -

The ceremony and reception in Oklahoma City at the JRB Art Gallery, catered by Big Truck Tacos, photographed by Haley Luna, custom dress by Maisy Brown.

We wanted our ceremony to be light-hearted, funny, and totally secular. In Oklahoma, it is difficult to hold a totally secular ceremony outside of a courthouse. In our search for an officiant, we lighted upon the idea of having my cousins marry us...and to keep this a secret until the moment the ceremony was to begin!

The script from our vows:

Hello all, and welcome! We are gathered today to celebrate Megan and Daniel’s love for one another. Each of us has strengthened their character and brought happiness into their lives. It is through our continued support that they stand before us together. And, because you are so dear to their hearts, they have decided to make this ceremony short and sweet so we can all get to the food a little faster.

Do you, Megan Raley and Daniel Solis, realize that this ceremony is the biggest real-deal, unplugged, sincerely meaningful, and everlasting thing you’ll ever do?

[in unison] "We do!"

And are you prepared to support and love each other unconditionally, throughout your many years together, no matter how silly or serious, geeky or nerdy, artsy or fartsy, the situation may be?

"We do!"

Do you, Daniel, agree to be Megan's technical support, spellchecker, jogging companion and loving life partner?

"I do."

Do you, Megan, agree to be Daniel's playtester, barber, life coach, and loving life partner?

"I do."

The rings, please.

[Shannon's sister Amelia holds up rings.]

Megan and Daniel made these rings from a single piece of silver. They may look simple, but creating them by hand was not easy to do. Sawing. Forging. Hammering.... Acid baths. It's ironic how many ways you can lose finger when trying to make a ring, but they made it through with all ten digits.

[Megan and Daniel wiggle their fingers and make a heart shape together.]

Awww. Okay, here comes the big important part!

Daniel, do you like it?

"I do!"

Then put a ring on it! Megan, do you like it?

"I do!"

Then put a ring on it! By the power vested in me by the state of Oklahoma, I now pronounce you... hitched!

[Megan and Daniel remove their glasses and smooch.]

[Music: "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley]

- - -

Yes, we Rick Rolled our wedding guests. And also, probably one of the only weddings ever to include both a Beyonce reference and the word "fartsy".

We moved the whole group outside for a photo before digging into our delicious food, and JUST as we all lined up, the weekly Oklahoma tornado siren test sounded for about 2 solid minutes. What timing we had! We had to explain through our smiling teeth to our out of town guests not to panic, this is TOTALLY NORMAL. Then, one of my hilarious uncles says loudly, "Illegal preacher siren!" (reminding us all of my cousin with the e-church certificate of ministry who just married us).

Click here to see the whole set! :D


  1. Ah, this is totally awesome. Love it! Bookmarked for inspiration. Here via OBT. ;)

  2. Love this! You guys are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!

    -another OBB'er

  3. Thank you! It will be a year next month (time flies...)!