Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I wish to register a complaint!"

This is what I just sent to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission:

I arrived home after work on August 18th to find 2 workers in our back yard digging a large ditch. They had done the same to our neighbors' yards, and cut open all the fences along their working path. These workers told me they were from ONG to lay a new gas main, and that the company should have contacted us prior to their work.

We did NOT receive any notice about this, nor did the neighbors along our street. The workers also indicated that our gas will be turned off for a period of time in the undetermined future while they continue work. ONG has not notified us of this; we received no notice of the intrusive and messy work done to the property (which will potentially be a significant expense to us to repair), no notice of when our gas will be shut off, nor for how long.

I realize that ONG is more or less a monopoly when it comes to gas utilities in central/eastern Oklahoma and they need not worry about dissatisfied residents switching to another gas provider; however, I believe some notice for their work and our gas shut-off should have been done. It would have been a small expense on their part to ensure contact was made to all the residents (who are also customers) they are currently disrupting, and to whom they are potentially causing significant cost in clean up and repair to their property.

They even left some of their little bits of equipment behind in our yard! Stakes, C-clamps, etc. UHHHGGGGGGGGG. Honestly, how tough is it to mail some letters? I've contacted the company and I hope they get back with me, if for nothing else than to go back and pick up the stuff they just left in the yard.

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  1. Would you get in trouble for throwing their crap away? Because that's what I would do. So stupid & ridiculous.

    I hate companies.