Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do not buy Bare Traps shoes

This quick post is to serve as a warning to you: Do not purchase any Bare Traps brand shoes that look like this:

the offending shoe

They have a bit of elastic in the heel like this:

the part in particular

I bought the shoes because they were advertised as being:
"Styling . . . Always fashionable yet versatile
Comfort . . . They’ll feel great all day long
Value . . . Quality exceeds price"

Most days, I walk to and from my office about 5 blocks each way. I need comfortable shoes that are office-appropriate. These seemed like an awesome thing for the Summertime. No socks, I love not wearing socks. I am a shoeless tomboy at heart.

So, I get out of the carpooling car, and walk about a block. I notice my heels are feeling pretty uncomfortable. That seemed odd, what with these "all day long" shoes. I pull out my heels and see THIS and also THIS. (linked, since they are fresh, weeping sores and I don't think everyone wants to see that)

1 block of walking, and that sewn-in elastic ripped my feel up! I had to tip toe the rest of the 4 blocks to my office, since I couldn't drive back home to get different shoes. And what's worse, half way there, my lunch bag busted open and my food spilled all over the sidewalk. It was like a scene from an awful rom-com.

Anyway, moral of the story: don't buy Bare Traps shoes. It's been about a week and my sores are now bright red nasty things that I feel I need to band-aid until they go away. Yuck.

(I could not return the shoes since I wore them enough that they looked worn. So, I cut out the elastic and covered it with sticky shoe foam strips)

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