Monday, June 21, 2010


We are so totally wedded and back from the honeymoon. Photos from the wedding will come later, but I've got loads of pics from our trip to Seattle!

I sprouted a Space Needle from my head, it seems

The trip started with a hair-raising drive at 4am through a torrential rain that flooded a lot of OKC. We barely made it out on our flight. Ironically, we were not rained on in Seattle during the week we were there.
Once there, we had a great time and we still pine for a public transit system and lovely climate like we found in Seattle. We took 2 GREAT tours: One with Evergreen Escapes (I highly recommend this company), and another through Zerve for the Pike Place Market food tour. Do these things if you are new to Seattle.

Check out all the photos here in slide show format, or click on it directly to embiggen:

And now for the videos:

We met up with some of Daniel's gamer friends and they introduced us to the full spectrum of Mead. Note Daniel's subtle reactions. (tip for trying mead: "dry mead" is yummy and tastes kind of like a non bubbly sweet white wine. "sweet mead" tastes like pure honey mixed with nyquil.)

We got the spiciest tuna roll at Shiki sushi (soooo good, and on the same block as our hotel). Then I figured it'd be worth a shot to put wasabi on top of it. I didn't die!

The many buskers around Pike Place Market. There's a whole system for them and everything. Awesome! I wish I could have seen more of the tap dancer duo.

Giant octopus, seals and otters at the Seattle Aquarium.

At Vital Tea Leaf outside Pike Place Market, you can sit and sip on many kinds of tea and see a little show of pouring, washing, boiling and other things that happen when tea is made for tourists. When I took out the camera, the lady pouring tea got out a pitcher of water full of terra cotta figurines. She put 2 on overturned teapots with some water underneath. I thought they'd start to turn in circles or something cute like that once the water got hot. Well, SOMETHING happened...


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  1. It was great to meet you, Megan. Come back soon!